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Our task is an effort to gather and represent an "Extended Family Tree" that has its foundation in Starr County, Texas USA. Real Starr and the Starr Connection will attempt to display the collateral branches of the family, i.e. all the offspring (with their better halves) of some of the earliest known (but not necessarily only) male-line predecessors. Our Project therefore will expand to include many of our distant cousins. This project is subject to change due to the active nature of family relationships and to corrections and additions that other individuals may present from time-to-time.

The intent of this project is to provide a location to share data that has been collected over time by different family groups and individuals. These two sites will be used as a place where family members that are interested in preserving and sharing precise information can bring together research efforts, add new family information, and correct old information about our shared families.
The Real Starr and the Starr Connection sites are a starting point for us. It is a general look at our Family Tree and the people who share a place on it, and how we can go about expanding our knowledge of family history and individual lineage. If we get nothing else from this project than glean a new appreciation of our Family Tree as we leaf through this project, then, this effort will have been a success.

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his.
(Helen Keller)