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Olivarez Origins
History: South Texas
Crypto-Jews of South Texas.
South Texas Treasures, Hispanic flavor (PDF)
History: Land Grants in Texas (PDF)
Mexican Americans
Ranchers & Landowners
Biographies 2
Biographies 3
Ranchers & Cattlemen.
Women Biographies
Ranchers & Planters
Stillman Charles (PDF)

Salinas and Saldana Family (Las Escobas Ranch)

History: Los Tejanos
History: Virtual Museum of Texas
History: Texas History
History: Longhorns
History: Apaches (Texas)
History: Nuevo Santander I
History: Nuevo Santander II
History: San Benito Historical Society
History: Texas Historical Association
Ranchos de Los Villarreales
Genealogy: We are Cousins
History: Portal of Texas History- Maps
Cemeteries: Starr County, Texas
Cemeteries: Jim Hogg County, Texas
History: Texas Historic Sites Atlas
Biographies 1
Early Tejano Ranching in Duval County, Texas (PDF)
History: Book and Publication List (PDF)
History: Rio Grande Valley (PDF)
History: Oral History Guillermo Gonzalez 2010 (PDF)
History: Origins of Boss Rule in Starr County, Texas (PDF)
History: Rio Grande City Downtown Historic District (PDF)
History: Settlement of Nuevo Santander (PDF)
History: Two Manuscript Maps of Nuevo Santander (PDF)
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People who have discovered their Jewish Heritage
History: Monterrey Slaves
History: King Ranch absorbed older Bobedo Ranch
History: King Ranch
History: Rangers, New Charges Reopen Old Wounds
History: Plan de San Diego
History: Texas Ranger Investigations 1919 ( J. T. Canales )
History: Texas Rangers The Good, The Bad, & The In-Between
Uribe, Ernesto Family Tree - (PDF)

History: Falcon, Gene Story, The Fall of the Last Patron

History: Rio Grande City, Texas (PDF)

Cemeteries: South Texas